Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Broadway imPress Manicure



Long time no blog!

You might not know this, but I am obsessed with nail polish! While I can't lie and say I'm a pro at painting my nails (actually I kind of suck at it!) I still try to paint my nails at least once a week, not matter how long the post cuticle clean up may be. I'm always on the lookout for new brands, colours, or other exciting nail related products. To my delight, I received an email that informed me that I was chosen to receive some free products from Influenster and Broadway Nails. Yippeee!
The package arrived and inside was not one, but two sets of the imPress Manicures from Broadway Nails.

As you can see in the picture, one set is a bright pink nail with black and silver shimmery designs, great for summer! The second set is from the Disney Villains collection, and this particular colour is 'Evil Queen' from Snow White. (You can check out for a ton more designs.)

The packaging says that the nail will last up to a week and comes in 12 sizes with two of each size in the box..maybe you can find a friend with different sized nails and each get a mani out of this box.

The application process is on the box step by step and is pretty darn easy! To paraphrase: clean your hand and nails, find the right fitting nail, peel off the plastic cover, stick and press! finito!

Here's what it looks like when complete!
I've had the nails on for about 5 days and they are holding the claim that they last a week is pretty accurate!

That's all for now! Go test em out!

Monday, 21 May 2012

Fashion Inspo - Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood always looks so put together and absolutely gorgeous. Her shoes, clothes and accessories always go perfectly. Plus, she has incredible hair and legs!

Love the hair color & style.

Some affordable Carrie Inspired Outfits:

Steve Madden peep toe pumps
$100 -
Box clutch
$30 -
Jane Norman leaf jewelry
$20 -

Chiffon top
$20 -
Black short shorts
$37 -
Call it SPRING strap shoes
$35 -
Mantaray handbag
£31 -
Dorothy Perkins stone jewelry
$15 -
Miso ring
£8 -

Beauty tip of the day!

If you wake up late and don't have time to wash your hair (& don't happen to have any dry shampoo laying around) baby powder works just fine! I've been using it for years. Just sprinkle some on your roots (using a blush brush or just your fingers works fine) leave on for a few seconds and then brush and fluff your hair and roots thoroughly to get rid of any excess powder.

If you don't have any baby powder.. use some corn starch! Works just as well ;)

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Affordable Makeup-Everyday Eyes Tutorial

Hey Everyone!

Makeup is an amazing thing! It really helps us ladies amp up our look and accentuate the features we like the most! Whether you like to play up your eyes, have nice flushed cheeks, or brighten up those lips, makeup can add a lot of fun and versatility us ladies who want to look fresh and cute everyday!  I love switching up my makeup all the time to create new looks. One thing that is always consistent with my makeup is that I always play up my eyes more than anything else, because I like the focus to be on them! While makeup is a great and fun tool for daily use, it can get expensive! I love to snoop around stores like Sephora looking at all the amazing options out there, but I usually can't afford to buy those things all the time, though I occasionally like to splurge. So this is a tutorial for super affordable and easy everyday eyes. I got most products mentioned at Walmart for a total of about $10-$12, which is amazing because it's something you can wear all the time! So here we go!

Step 1: On a fresh clean face, start by putting on a base. This is really optional, and I didn't include it in my $10-$12 price range, but it does make your makeup last all day without creasing or smudging off, so I do suggest it. You can buy an eyeshadow primer, use a concealer or foundation you already have, or even a cream eyeshadow (I suggest Maybellines 24 hr eye tattoo, its amazing!) I use the Palladio eyeshadow primer from Sally Beauty supply. One tube costs about $8 and lasts for about a year, so it really is a great investment!

This is the Palladio shadow primer, which is a great more affordable option compared to the popular Urban Decay Primer Potion, or Two-Faced Shadow Insurance. Note: if you buy this, it seems like you run out of product after about 3 months, but all you need to do is rip out the plastic stopper at the top and you can get almost a years worth of use out of it! It's a bit tricky to get the stopper out, but definitely to it! I used tweezer to yank the top out of mine!

Step 2: Get yourself an eyeshadow trio from Wet n' Wild. The truth is, these are actually amazing eyeshadows! I think they get a bad rep because they are so inexpensive and they are sometimes placed with the younger girl makeup in the stores, but I'm telling you they are great! They can sometimes be a bit powdery, but they have awesome pigmentation, are really smooth, and look beautiful on! I'm using the trio called "Walking on Eggshells" which is perfect for a natural everyday look. This is what it looks like:
Step 3: swipe the bottom colour that says eyelid, all over your eyelid! Imagine that! 

 Step 4: take the middle shadow that says crease, and yes, swipe it into the crease! This really doesn't have to be super clean or perfect because you are going to blend it out after, so just go for it!

 Step 5: take the top colour that says browbone, and swipe it onto the brow bone while blending out the crease colour. And also place a small amount into the inner corners of your eyes to lighten them up.

 -This should be what it looks like so far:

 Step 6: This step is optional! If you like a really neutral/natural look you can skip this step, if you're like me and like to make the eyes a little more dramatic, even on natural eye days then go ahead an get yourself a black eyeliner. For this I used an NYC waterproof Black Eyeliner. NYC is another company that gets a bad rep for the same reasons, but go ahead and give it a try, because this eyeliner is great! It comes in several different fun colours and costs less than $3! Awesome!

 Ok so go ahead and line your upper lash line, and if you like go for the lower lash line too!

 Step 7: Now get a black mascara, I use the Maybelline Great Lash "LOTS OF LASHES" in blackest black. 

Put the mascara on your upper lashes, and again if you want to your lower lashes

And that's it! Pretty easy and very affordable! Here's the final look!

Hope you like it and try it out!


Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Summer Outfit Ideas

Hey all! I've decided I need to re-vamp my summer wardrobe. I've got way too many clothes that I NEED to get rid of.. so it's a good excuse for a shopping spree ;)
I put together a few super cute outfit ideas (as well as where you can buy them). A lot of these clothing items are pretty popular trends and common in many clothing stores.. not just at the ones I've listed... because as you'll see, some are a bit pricey & you may want to find something a little bit more affordable. Hope these give you some good ideas!


Wildfox Couture crop tank
$119 -

Madewell leopard print shoes
$140 -

Chanel flap handbag

Cream jewelry
£5 -

Dorothy Perkins square sunglasses
$14 -

Tommy Hilfiger cotton shirt
£35 -
H&M short shorts
£20 -
Wet Seal wrap bracelet
$9.50 -
Gold stud earrings
$139 -

Sweet & Casual

Warehouse scoop neck shirt
$27 -
Mango lace skirt
£35 -
Miso embellished sandals
£22 -
£129 -

A touch of Orange

Racer back tank
$16 -
Slouchy top
$12 -
Volcom low rise denim jeans
$47 -
Round toe shoes
$35 -
Assad Mounser neon jewelry
$300 -
H&M metal sunglasses
£4.99 -


Elizabeth and James satin top
$295 -
Mid rise jeans
$100 -
Oasis flat heels
$36 -
Cole Haan crossbody handbag
$248 -
Yellow gold jewelry
£15 -


Miso stripe dress
£25 -
Miu Miu high heel pumps
$630 -
Alex and Chloe gold heart earrings
$90 -
Dorothy Perkins plastic sunglasses
$14 -