Thursday, 10 May 2012

Beauty tip of the day!

Hi all!
So I'm going to start posting regular daily beauty tips that I've come across over the years and find very useful! 

Beauty Tip #1:
If you have trouble with your mascara running by the end of a long hot day (Also known as "panda eyes").. or you're going to a funeral/wedding and don't want your mascara running all over your face.. water-proof is the best solution right? Well it is and it isn't. If you're anything like me,  trying to get waterproof mascara off of your eyelashes is a difficult process. I'm pretty sure I lose about 10 eyelashes every time!!

Coat your eyelashes in regular non-waterproof mascara first & let dry.
Second, put a waterproof coat of mascara over top of the regular mascara! That way your mascara is still waterproof but will wash off MUCH easier!

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