Friday, 4 May 2012


Hey Everyone!

If you haven't heard of TOMS by now, i'm not sure where you've been the last year. But just in case let me just explain a bit about them. TOMS calls themselves a "one for one" movement. Basically, they are a company who sells shoes (adorable ones) and for every pair they sell, a child in need also gets a pair! So one for you, and one for a child who needs some shoes. Such an amazing idea right? The best thing about it is you get a really fashionable and comfy shoe while helping children around the world. The shoes run from about $50-60 here in Canada, and a little bit cheaper is the States (as everything is :s #bitter) Some people seem to think that is a bit pricey for such a basic shoe, but I like to just think about it like I'm actually buy 2 pairs (1 for me and one for a child) so they are really only about $30 each when you think of it like that, which is a great price! The classic style is the most popular but now there are other styles like the ballet flat and even wedges! These shoes are the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned and they look really cute with pretty much anything! You can get basic colours to match any outfit, or go for a crazier colour or design to stand out with a basic outfit.

These are all classic TOMS. This is only a few of the colours and designs you can find. There are so many different styles to choose from and there are usually new ones coming out for every season. 

This is the new line of Ballet Flats that TOMS has released this spring. They are a little bit more expensive, about $80 rather than $60. I haven't warn any of these yet but I'm sure they are just as comfortable and as you can see they are very cute. These would be great for work or a dressier occasion! Also would be great to have as backup on a night where you are wearing heels for a long time. 

These are the wedges that you can get from TOMS. I've never actually seen anybody wear these, but i think they are pretty darn cute! These also come in different colours and they even have a sequined design! If they hold the same comfort as classic TOMS than these would be an awesome thing to wear on a fancier night out, instead of heels! 

So these are just a few of the TOMS that you might be able to find. They are available at a ton of stores, so you should be able to find them pretty easily! 
NOTE: TOMS tend to stretch out when you wear them, so you should buy a half or even a whole size smaller than what you would usually get. Go try them on at the store and buy a pair that feels a little bit too tight, because in a week or two, they will feel just right!

Happy Shopping!

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