Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Trendy Purses for Spring and Summer


So far this Spring I've been noticing and increasing trend it a certain kind of purse. The trend is extremely cute and will most definitely be continuing into Summer! Have you been noticing any trends, and have you already figured out what trend I'm talking about? There are two trends I've noticed and they go great together. The first trend I've noticed is very small purses that have long straps that can go over the shoulder; cross-body or can be removed completely to change the purse into a clutch that can be carried or tucked under your arm. The second trend is bright coloured purses. I absolutely love bright colours, and they seem to be popping up all over this year in accessories, clothing and shoes! So awesome! These small and bright purses can be found at pretty much any store that sells purses and come in all different shapes and colours. Whether you only have $10-$20 dollars to spend on a new spring and summer purse, or you have plenty of extra cash to splurge on a trendy bag, you should be able to find some great ones! Anyways here are a few examples of these small and/or bright trendy purses that I currently own, and a few recommendations that I think are super cute and that I wish I had!

I bought this really cute envelope style pink purse of Ebay. The gold chain is long enough to wear cross body or to hang off the shoulder. It is also removable so i can carry this bag as a clutch. I also ordered the same purse in yellow because I loved it so much, but it's still in the mail! It fits pretty much all the essentials like your wallet (mine is fairly thin, so if you have a big one, you might need to downsize for this purse), your phone, your glasses or sunglasses(maybe both), whatever lipstick and/or gloss you're wearing that day, your keys. etc. This purse was only about $9 and as I said it was purchased off Ebay, so pretty much anybody can afford it and have access to it. It comes in about 11 colours, so you can pick one that you like best or even get a couple like I did! Here is the link:

This is another purse I bought recently. If you aren't a big fan of bright colours, but want a trendy purse for spring and summer than this is a great option. It is a great size to fit whatever you need to take along and even though it's just a basic black, the gold hardware and gold chain detail make it a little trendier than just an all black bag. I bought this one at Walmart for about $14 and it also comes in an Ivory colour. 

I actually bought this purse last summer, but i thought it was still on trend with this season so I included it. This one is really cute and feminin with the floral pattern and the little bit of frilly-ness in the fabric. I bought this for probably around $10 at a store called "Stiches" I'm not sure if there are many of these stores around but purses like these can be found in many stores, just keep an eye out!

 I bought this purse off the Forever 21 website a while back. I love this purse because it has the removable silver chain and it has a few different openings to hold all the things I carry around! I love the fold-over style and the silver closure. This is the perfect purse for pretty much any occasion because it can be used at a more formal occasion or just everyday use. 

This is another bag I purchased off of Ebay. It was also from last fall so I'm not sure if it's still available. It costs about $12, so again very affordable and accessible to everyone. Its really nice because the chain can be switched to be a long over the shoulder bag, into 2 shorter length shoulder chains or also tucked inside for a clutch style, or as you can see in the middle picture with a very small and short chain to use as a handle.
Ebay has a lot of great trendy things to buy, whether it be the purses  meantioned here or jeweley and clothing, sometimes it just takes a lot of browsing to find things you like.

All four of these purses are on the Forever 21 website and they are all under $25. All are great options whether you want to get colourful or stay neutral with you purse. 

 These four are all the Rebecca Minkoff Mac Mini purse. I think it is soooo adorable and I wish i could get one. As you can see it comes in some really fun colours, and a lot more fun colours not shown here. This bad boy costs about $200, so if you really want to splurge on a trendy purse this season, than I think this is a great option! 

Well those are just a few of the hundreds of purse options there are out there. Hope these examples were a little bit helpful in trying to decide what kind of on trend purse you want to invest in for the upcoming seasons!

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