Tuesday, 8 May 2012

My Favourite Beauty Products

I thought I'd share a few of my favourite beauty products of the moment! It's always hard to find a good brand that actually does what it's supposed to do.

So here are a few of my favourite products at the moment:

1) First is my FAVOURITE lipstick of all time: MAC "Angel" - Matte.
It's a gorgeous color that seems to look good on almost everyone. I have very fair skin, so I was worried it would make me look washed out since it is a pale color.. but not at all. I love the Matte finish, but I do like to add a little bit of gloss or Vasoline underneath to lipstick, just to make my lips look smoother.

2) Now I know MAC is extremely expensive.. so if you don't feel like spending $20 on a lipstick, I've found a pretty good knock off! It's by Revlon & it's called "Pink Pout". It's about $8 from and can be found at Walmart or the drugstore. It's a little bit pinker and a little but darker.. but it is still VERY close.

Revlon "Pink Pout"

3) Plain old Patroleum Jelly or Vasoline!
As you can see I just bought this one at the Dollar store around the corner from my house. I use patroleum jelly or Vasoline for all kinds of things. It's great for dry lips, dry cuticles and dry hands!! I use it as a base for a lot of my Matte lipsticks because it makes your lips look very smooth. I use it every morning and every night before bed on my cuticles and lips!

4) Clinque "All about eyes" serum.
This stuff is great to use in the morning. It's a "de-puffing" eye massage. I find it really helps because of the metal rolling ball that you rub under your eyes when you apply it. They say cold is good for under eye puffiness and bags.. like a cold spoon, cold tea bag of cucumber! So this is great because the metal rolling ball is always nice and cold when you put it on. This is just a sample I got in their gift bag but the actual product is about $26.

5) China Glaze nail polish: "Turned Up Turquoise (Neon)"

I honestly couldn't get a picture that does the color of this polish justice! It's honestly SO pretty. It's matte but it has a nice sheen to it. I wiiiish my camera could capture how nice it is. I even checked the China Glaze website, and still.. doesn't do it justice. Depending on where you buy China Glaze, they range from  about $6-$8. I buy all my China Glaze's at Sally Beauty Supply.

6) "Kiss Me" Mascara
I posted about this product in a previous blog. This mascara is expensive.. but it's unique because unlike most mascara's it is very gentle on your eyelashes. I find that with most mascara's.. I lose a bunch of eyelashes when I'm trying to wash it off. This is unique because it doesn't just coat your lashes, it "Tubes" them.. so when you're washing your face, the little bits of mascara just fall off pretty easily!
You can buy this product at many Spa's or hair places (such as Trade Secrets) or Sephora. Depending where you buy it the price ranges from about $25-$35.

7) MAC "Studio Fix" Compact

This is probably my favorite makeup product EVER. It's light weight and doesn't clog your pores.. it's great if you just want a nice smooth finish. I use the MAC C3 compact.. which is pretty light because I'm extremely fair. It costs about $30-$35, but it lasts a long time and is definitely worth the price.

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