Sunday, 13 May 2012

Monthly beauty box subscriptions

Hey Everyone!

In the past year, monthly beauty subscription boxes have become super popular! I'm pretty sure it's a recently new idea because I never heard about until a few months ago, and I'm the only person out of all the people I've told about who had heard of it. There are few different options of boxes to subscribe to. In Canada I only know about 3: Glymm (which I subscribe to), (which currently cannot be signed up for because they are at capacity, lame!) and Luxe (also at capacity, with a waiting list). These boxes are about $10-$12 a month and you get 4-5 deluxe sized products. The website for these boxes can be a bit deceiving as they show pictures of all the top brands such as Nars and Benefit, though such products are rarely in the boxes! While it's rare to get amazing products from Nars and other high end makeup brands, you still get numerous other fun products. If you want to see example of each box just go on you tube and search for them by name, and there are plenty of videos that will show exactly what comes in each box. 

Lets face it, we all love getting mail, right? I know that I find it super exciting to get a package in the mail each month with new fun beauty products to try! In the Glymm box that I have a subscription to there are generally lots of creams and lotions, but you always get some sort of makeup item and usually something for your hair as well. The variety is great, and it lets you try out products you would probably never just buy without trying it! Some of the samples you get are from extremely expensive products that you would definitely want to test out before investing in so that's definitely an upside. One of the great things about it is that you generally always get at least one full-sized product in each box and sometimes even two! When you pay $10 a month, you always get wayyy more than $10 worth in each box, so it's definitely a great deal! Some months are kind of a disappointment, but I find that there is usually at least one product each month that I can get excited about and for me that makes it worth it!

Here are a few of the more exciting things that I have received in a Glymm box: All these items were mostly in different boxes and each item is close to $10 or more, I'll post the prices for things that i can remember
 Burts Bee's tinted lip balm runs for about $6-$8 depending on where you buy it
 These feather hair extentions from Nume are worth $20

 RGB nail polish in the colour Crimson-worth $18

 Sula cream shadow-worth about $12
Annabelle smudge pot (creme eyeshadow or liner)-worth about $8

So as you can see some of the items that come in the box are pretty exciting, and you can also see from some of these products that you get far more than $10 worth from each box. I plan to continues to subscribe to this box for a while! And I'll start posting monthly on what I get each month!

P.s. If you live in the States, there are a ton of subscription boxes for you! Some that are popular are Birchbox, Glam bag, test tubes, glossy box, beauty army, etc. To find more just browse around you tube and you can probably find a lot more!

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