Thursday, 3 May 2012

Favorite Trends of the Moment

The High-Low Skirt/Dress
Lots of REALLY cute high-low dresses can be found at Forever 21 &
on their website.

The Maxi skirt.
Love, love, love the maxi skirts. I also love the
idea of tying your t-shirt or long shirt in the front so it doesn't hang
awkwardly. Again, Forever 21 has some great Maxi skirts. Although,
you can pretty much find them anywhere!

Ombre Nails
There are lots of different ways to get the ombre look. But I find this one is

Ombre Hair
Light- Dark or Dark-Light. I personally think the dark to blonde looks
pretty awesome.

Dip-Dye Hair Coloring
I love this look.

Hair Feathers
Love these. So cute. I just bought a bunch of 10 synthetic feathers for hair
on eBay! Once I get them, I'll post about them and let you know how
they work!

The Sock Bun

Apparently this has been around for years.. but I just found out about it!! Took me a while to get it
but I got it eventually!

Through Pinterest of course.
Here's a pretty good tutorial:

Bright Colored Blazers
Super cute & super summery!

Bright Colored Pants
I personally don't know if I could pull them off.. but I definitely
Love the look!

The Waterfall braid!!!
So pretty & simple.
Here's how to do the Waterfall braid: 
Step 1: Take a lock at the front and divide it into three strands.
Step 2: Weave 2 notches.
Step 3: Take a new fuse on top of the braid and add it to the top strand that you already hold.
Step 4: Let go completely the lower side (or take it to the person wearing).
Step 5: Take a new strand in the braid and use it as a third strand in the braid.
Step 6: Take a new fuse on top and add it.
Step 7: Repeat steps 4-6 until the braid is the desired length.
All around the head or on one side? Of course it is you decide where you stop. In the end, you can either continue with a single braid or tie the hair with an elastic, a clip or hairpins. Divide the strands woven into the rest of the hair for the ultimate cascade effect.

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