Thursday, 10 May 2012


Hey everyone!

Have you heard of Twistbands? I stumbled upon their website while looking for fun Christmas presents to buy last Christmas (2011). I can't remember why, but i didn't end up buying any at that time. They kept crossing my mind for months after. To tell the truth I couldn't figure out why I kept thinking about them because they weren't really that exciting to me, but I would visit their webpage occasionally to look at them again. I realized that while they weren't exactly this amazingly exciting or interesting product, they were super cute! So what are these Twistbands? Well they are hair elastics! Yup, like I said not very exciting! But going back to their webpage numerous times I decided it was time to just give in and order some! I thought hey, while i'm ordering and paying shipping (only $3.95. but hey still counts!), I might as well order a bunch! So i ended up ordering about 18 of them! There are so many cute colours (even tie-dyed ones! super cool!) and I couldn't decide which ones to get! So I ended up narrowing it down to 11 for me and few for a couple of my friends to try out! Twistbands are great because they come in soooo many colours, they look cute on your wrist, and they don't leave indents in your hair. One of the biggest benefits of using a Twistband is that they are gentle on your hair; they don't pull at your hair and cause as much breakage or split ends. Awesome! So here are the ones that I got for myself!

 These are all of the colours I got for myself! They come on a little chain with a cute little Twistband tag. Very easy and basic but still cute.
 Neon is always cool for summer. Love the brightness of them!
 These colours are very on trend for this spring and summer! If you've noticed, orange/tangerine is very popular this season so that's why I ordered a bright orange and the peachy one beside it. Lilac and mint green always seem to be popular colours for spring and summer so I thought those would be great too!
The great thing about Twistbands is that they look a lot cuter on your wrist than regular hair elastics. They look on their own or layered up with other twistbands or whatever bracelets you happen to be wearing. One of the great things about them is that they aren't tight on your wrist like other elastics, They don't cut off circulation of leave indents in your skin.

If you think these are cute too you can check out the website
-they also sell headbands and shoelaces! 
Oh and also shipping takes a week or less so you don't have to wait to long to get them! you also get a tracking number so you can see when you'll be getting them!

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